Right after printing on paper and before you receive the final product, there are post-printing tasks that put the final touch to your project.



> Each project needs its own post-printing process. Bookbinding is the main one, being performed on printed materials such as books and catalogues.


Our bookbinding services cover every printing task, including but not limited to:

- Saddle stitch binding: an ideal choice for binding up to 80 pages of printing matter. Suitable for brochures, catalogues, notebooks, magazines.

- Spiral binding: ideal solution for printed materials intended for very frequent use, due to the spiral's strength. Suitable for calendars and manuals.

- Thread sewn binding: the strongest and most durable binding. It is applied to large books. Once the sheets are printed, they are arranged in the right order and folded, so that each page has the right numbering. Then, the sheets are sewn. Once the covers are added too, the whole composition is glued on the back.

- Glued binding: in glued binding, the sheets are not sewn. Instead, after they are arranged, the covers are added and the whole composition is internally glued on the back.


In addition to bookbinding, these tasks include lamination, in order for the print to remain wear-resistant and for the paper to acquire a glossy or matte texture, depending on the lamination chosen.

Thermography Printing

Another post-print task we carry out is thermography printing (otherwise known as metallic foil print). During this task, a very thin aluminum foil of gold, silver or other color is applied on the paper. This method gives the print, catalogue or book a sense of luxury and elegance.